Introduction to the Hall

In celebrating our 120th anniversary, the Tung Sin Tong Historical Archive Exhibition Hall was founded. The head-quarter has installed some new multimedia elements into the original architecture to form a contemporary exhibition impression and opened to public on 10th December, 2012.

The three-storey building was built in 1924. The ground floor was the waiting area of the Chinese Medicine Clinic and is now converted into the Exhibition Hall. The first floor was used as offices and is now the meeting room for the Board of Directors. The second floor was previously used as classrooms for free schools and has become the gallery to store large-size historical articles of Tung Sin Tong.



Rua Camilo Pessanha No.55, Macau

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Opening Hours:  9:30 - 17:30

(Closed on Tuesdays and Statutory Holidays)


Tel: +853 2838 9773

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